Patio Heater - 2100w Stainless Steel Free Standing

SKU: N15521

Colour: Stainless Steel


2.1kW Free Standing Electric Patio Heater is the ideal freestanding heater that can accompany any sofa or dining set.

This 2.1kW heater has 2 elements and 3 settings allowing you to control the temperature of your heater. For a low heat you can turn the small round element on and enjoy 900W. For a slightly warmer temperature just turn on the larger round element and enjoy 1200W. Or, if you want to enjoy the maximum heat for this heater you can turn both elements on and enjoy 2.1kW. This clever heater has a built-in tip over switch which means should the heater fall over in strong winds or bad weather conditions it will automatically turn off. This makes for incredibly safe use. There is also a lengthy 1.8m British power included which is ideal for reaching your nearest plug socket. Product Features: Freestanding Heater 3 Heat Settings Stainless Steel Finish Tip Over Switch 1.8m Lead Cable

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