Snowing Icicle Lights - 360 LEDs

SKU: N16219

Colour: Blue & White


These The Winter Workshop - Megabrights - 360 LED Snowing Icicle Lightsare ideal for use on guttering, roofs, and the outside of the home.

As our brightest range of LED lights ever, these Megabrights Snowing Icicle Lights offer the illusion of falling snow. There is a 9cm gap between bulbs on each drop and 15cm spacing between each drop to offer plenty of illumination for a stunning glow. There are also 3 drop sizes on each set of lights, the smallest being 20cm, the medium length is 48cm and the largest reaches 75cm. The 360 LEDs equate to an 8.8m lit length, plus there is a 10m lead cable which allows you to easily reach your nearest plug socket. These lights can be used indoors or outdoors; the transformer is IP20 rated and therefore should be plugged in to an indoor socket or a watertight box (not guaranteed to fit all types of watertight box).

These mains operated lights are multi-functional and offer 2 different multi-function settings including static and snowing and offer 7 snowing speed settings. This allows you to flick between settings or choose your favourite setting for the Christmas period. Additionally, these lights come with a useful timer function which allows you to set your lights up to come on at the same time every day. The timer will see your lights come on for 8 hours and turn off for 16 hours per day.

These lights use energy-efficient LED bulbs and are expected to last for 5-10 years when used for Christmas purposes.

Product Features:
360 LEDs
2 Multi Function Settings
7 Different Speed Settings
8HRS on 16HRS off Timer Function
3 Drop Lengths: 75cm - 48cm - 20cm
15cm Spacing Between Each Drop
9cm Spacing Per Bulb
10m Lead Cable
8.8m Lit Length
Mains Operated
Energy-efficient LED Bulbs

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